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Stardust Casino Slots Game App

At Boyd Gaming Casinos, I spearheaded 6 of the companies largest digital products such as The Companies Digital Infrastructure, Processes, Design and Flow of the Boyd Gaming Sports Books App, The Loyalty App, Location App, Starducts Casino Games App.


I wrote the process, defined the user experience, features list, data points needed for the success of the app.


While at Boyd Gaming, the company believed in MVP(minimal viable product). The department before I got there would only design around that, which would later cause problems because they built a platform or process without thinking everything through. I let the team know that the best way to design and or build a process is to pack the product with all the foreseen features and then cut out what we need to cut out. This allows the dev team to see where the product is going to go and will help them code open tags for certain elements needed. Without doing this we may create a product that may not be scalable.


My changes resulted into having a 4.5 rated star app in Google Play Store.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction, Process

  • Client

    Boyd Gaming

  • Tags

    app, Product, UI/UX

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